“Renaissance Academy Gates”
These steel gates and concrete and stone posts were created to provide
safety and an aesthetic entrance to the school. - 2005

- - -

Renaissance Academy Mosaic”
The mosaic is the central artistic statement at the school,
and in situated at the geographic center of the building.
Many of the tiles were created by students of the school.- 2004”

- - -

Community Prep School

CPS Sign”
2005 - mixed media
PAA worked with Concrete Couch and FutureSelf and
CPS students to make this school entry sign.

- - -

'Geology Mural'
1984 - 5' x 14' - Acrylic
Steve Wood. Funded by CC Geology Department

Palmer Hall at Colorado College, Colo. Spgs. CO.

- - -

'Gold Camp Mural'
1999 - 4' x 8' - Acrylic on panel
PAA artist group. Funded by the 5TH grade

Gold Camp Elementary, 1805 Preserve Drive, Colo. Spgs. CO.

'Cheyenne Following the Buffalo'
1998 - 7' x 48'
acrylic on panels
PAA and Cheyenne Mountain High School students
funding from school funds
1200 Cresta Road, Colo. Spgs.

'Elementary School Mural'
1999 - 3' x 24' - Relief, ceramic tile
PAA and Manitou Elementary and High School students
Funding from private granting sources and city funds

Manitou Elementary School, Manitou, CO.

'The Butterfly Garden'
2000 - 10' x 40' - Relief, ceramic tile
PAA with students from Flatirons Elementary School
Funded as an artist-in-residence program.

Flatirons Elementary School, Boulder, CO.

'Playground Sun'

1998 - 6' x 10' x 4' - Welded steel relief mural.
PAA and Telluride High School students.
Funding from Park and Recreation Department and Ah Haa art school

Telluride Elementary School, Telluride, CO

'The Learning Factory'
1998 - 8' x 6' x 7'
PAA and Macintosh Academy students.
Funded as an Artist-in-residence program.

Macintosh Academy, Colo. Spgs, CO.

'The Four Seasons'
1994 - Four panels, each 4' x 8' - Mixed media and collage
PAA and Colorado Springs School students
Funded as an Artist-in-residence program through the school.

Colorado Springs School, Colo. Spgs. CO.

- - -