Working with Eric Bransby and Pat Musick in 1992, we restored the "Shrine of the Sun" murals, painted by Randall Davey. The murals were commissioned by Spencer Penrose, and completed in 1937 in the interior of a stone tower on Cheyenne Mountain above Colorado Springs. Mr. Davey worked with Robert Henri in New York and Madrid, taught at the Broadmoor Art Academy, and worked extensively in Santa Fe where the Randall Davey Museum resides today. Restoration included cleaning and repainting damaged areas.  

 I restored a ceramic tile, glass, stone and concrete exterior mural in 1994/1995. This piece was created by Vincent O'Brien, a well known regional stained glass artist, in 1961, at a private residence. Restoration included recasting several of the damaged concrete and mosaic units, and stabilizing the remaining units. I was able to consult with Mr. O'Brien on this project, and replicate his casting method. Mr. O'Brien died in 2001. 

 Working again with Eric Bransby in 1998, we restored a ceiling mural in Shove Chapel at Colorado College. The iconographic mural was created for the new building in 1931. We cleaned and repainted the mural, which had recieved limited water damage. After repainting we sprayed on an acrylic fixative to slow further damage to the mural.

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